LED Landscaping Lights

Landscape lighting can reveal an entirely new dimension of your property and inject life into your landscape. Low-voltage lighting systems utilize minimal electricity to enhance your property at night while adding safety, security, beauty, & lifestyle. They are great for any homeowner that wants to highlight Pine trees, up-light part of the house, or brighten up a walkway.
Today’s environmentally-friendly Outdoor LED technology offers beautiful light coupled with energy savings and longevity. Consider the LED advantages:
– High efficiency – Up to 80% savings in electricity.
– Longer bulb life – Better illumination plus the ability to control light direction.
– Warm, pleasing color – Far superior to the bright white/bluish hue of previous LED technology.
– Instant on – No flicker, no delay.
– No toxic materials – Reduces your carbon footprint.
– Added durability – Operates in extreme heat and cold.
As dedicated LED landscape lighting specialists, we have the materials and installation expertise needed to make the most of today’s LED technology.

HDTV Mounting 101


So you think you can hang that brand New 65” 4K HDTV above the fireplace by yourself?

You have all your tools ready to go to work; ladder, drop cloth, drill, bits, level, flashlight, cut-in boxes, HDMI cables, data cables, speaker cables, electrical outlet, power cables, wall plates, HDTV mounting bracket, and the trusty stud finder. You are ready to go and it will all be running before the five o’clock news in full HD.
Then reality sets in about 3 hours into your afternoon project. You found the studs to secure the HDTV mounting bracket to and it’s level. The bolts took a little longer to install but once they connected to the stud it was awesome! Now you are looking at the back of the 65” 4K HDTV and you are wondering if your large investment will stay up there and did I mount the wall bracket at the correct height? Then the other questions start running through your head: How many HDMI cables do I need? How will I get the HDMI cables to the Charter DVR? How will the electrical outlet get there? And finally how am I going to get that New 65” 4K HDTV up and onto the mounting bracket by myself? AAAAAAAA!
Here is the solution your neighbor used just last week – Parks Electrical Service Inc. Parks installs all models and sizes of HDTV’s. Parks also has over 1,000 parts and tools available on every service vehicle ready for almost any scenario big and small. If you are uncertain of your exact needs Parks Electrical can customize a system that fits your space and lifestyle. Parks Electrical is a retailer for all major brands of 4K/HD flat panel HDTV’s, including: Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Panasonic, and SunBrite all weather. With hundreds of HDTV installations all across Madison and Dane County Parks Electrical is ready for Your Project.